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2008-2009 Season

Jeff came down for the week of Thanksgiving in hopes of another trophy buck and to take back venison.
We did not get the buck, but he did take home plenty of sasuage meat. Jeff took 3 whitetail does and one Axis spike,
while I shot one whitetail doe. He did have his chances at a trophy Axis bull but fate dictated otherwise.
I did have a hard time keeping him from shooting a monster buck located
behind a highfence, but we dont roll that way. He was magnificant as the photo shows.

My good friend Lee took a trip to S. Texas and shot this dandy. 14 points(8 on right, 6 on left), 27 1/2" main beams
and scored 159 B&C. Although it was not a hunt with me, I had to put it on my website.
Congrats Lee on a nice buck.

Lee comes back for more hunting on August 10.  On the first evening I dropped him off for a stalk and drove around to park the truck. 
I saw a broke horn Axis that I tried to get a shot on, but he slipped away.  When I picked up Lee on the Ranger we spotted
the same axis and he was able to get off a free handed neck shot while standing on top of the ranger. 
It weighted 190lbs live but had small horns, around 22".  I will have a photo of it later. 
The second and much nicer bull shown below was taken on the last morning, August 12 as we drove into the
ranch across from where we shot the first one..  It has 26" main beams and its left brown is 14".  It weighed 180lbs.

To kick off the new season, my friend Lee Warmke pays a visit on April 12 for short hunting trip on the F6 Ranch.
We went to visit Dave and Margaret prior to the hunt to get the lay of the land and find out where the Axis were.  The trip almost turned in to a disaster as their 6 month old pup "Corky" locked the truck with the keys in it.  We got lucky and found a locksmith late on a Saturday evening and after a 5 minute attempt and minus $125 we were off to a spot I hoped we would have some luck.  As soon as we reached the property this beautiful axis showed himself and Lee quickly grabbed his rifle and made the 200 yard plus shot.  We hadn't even unloaded the Polaris Ranger.  I think that if Corky hadn't locked that truck and delayed us about an hour, this Axis might still be walking around on the ranch.  Thanks Corky. Later in July I took my Daughter Samantha for an evening hunt and we got this nice little 4 pointer. Her biggest today.

Corky shown at bottom right.

Samanta gets this small bull on the run with her new .243. July 20th at 9:05pm.